Meet the Puppets

You’ve met the people behind the puppets, so it seems only fair that you meet some of our puppets too!
Pictures coming soon!


The first puppet to arrive (and the one that started it all). Mojo can most often be found eating his weight in junk food and causing mischief. You can see Mojo in action in many of our Fairytales and he’s very popular in the residential homes!


Colin is our oldest puppet and the most charming! He loves to make sure his hair is neat and his clothes look smart. He can most often be found chatting away and offering autographs to whoever is the nearest to him, because he’s the star of the show (so he says). You can see Colin in many of our Fairy tales, he also makes an appearance in a few of our other shows.


Errol is our extremely grumpy dragon! He likes nothing more than a big dinner and a nap, and can get grumpy when disturbed. Watch he doesn’t give you a nip!
If you want to soften him up, Errol has a bit of a sweet tooth, offer him sweets and he’ll be your friend forever. You can most often see Errol starring in our Fairy Tales, he’s also a regular on our walkabouts and in workshops, where he’s extremely popular!


Echo is one of our oldest puppets. In fact he came out of his retirement (in the loft) to join our shows. He’s extremely friendly and loves to say hello to everyone he meets, don’t be shy, he loves lots of attention and fuss!
Echo doesn’t perform in any of our shows but you can always find him at our festival performances where he does meet and greets and walkabouts.

Louis and Emma

Louis and Emma are our sign language puppets. They’re extremely cheeky and go everywhere together! They even star in a couple of our shows together. They can usually be found playing tricks on Mojo and Colin. You can normally see them in action in either our Fairytales or our Sign shows.

Mango and Chutney

Mango (red) and Chutney (purple) are a real double act! They’re always found together chasing around, playing or begging for food! They like lots of attention and are especially popular during our workshops or walkabouts where their bright colours certainly attract plenty of attention!

“Thank you so much for entertaining my mum… She still mentions Colin and Mojo, and says how lovely you were with her and how you should do home visits to people like her to brighten their days”

UHDB Trust, Patient Family Member